2020 Covid year

2020 Covid year

9th Dec 2020

Well everyone, we want to thank you for an amazing year but a tough one. Covid has effected us all in a lot of ways and part of that is a constant flow of parts which has been difficult. For those who understand and have been patient we thank you and for those who didn't, we hope you come back to purchase parts we have in stock. 

As many know Axion have been working years on several of our own project cars which are taking a lot longer than expected but the results will be fantastic.

2012 Honda Civic Si

We are currently working on safety roll cage and other items on the car to get it ready for the J35 swap with Gt42 turbo. The car is still a work in progress and should really start taking shape in 2021.

2015 Honda Fit L15b7 swap 

Car is almost done with Hasport and we just are waiting on the wiring portion to be finished which is the hardest part of the project, its going to be fun to have it complete and show you guys how awesome these Gk5 Fits are.

2005 Acura TSX Time Attack

We are slowly gathering parts to install the Full Race EFR turbo kit and build a nice stable K24 to hold 550whp safe and lasting. This should be finished in 2021

2020Acura RDX Aspec AWD

Our newest purchase for daily driving, we will be installing the Full Race EFR Type R turbo kit , PRL Intercooler and some other items to get close to 400whp and 400tq, stay tuned very soon 

We thank you all for an amazing year and look forward to the growth of Axion Industries in the coming year 

Mike Hinton